Comedians (not teachers) helped develop my fascination for language and communication.

My favorites are as follow; and are in no particular order.
1) Victor Borge; Phonetic Punctuation – he creates a unique sound for each punctuation mark.

2) Monty Python; Life of Brian – the scene where Brian is caught vandalizing the Roman square using improper conjugation of words. The Centurion forces Brian to do the proper conjugation at sword-point and tells him to paint it 1,000 times by sunrise.

3) George Carlin; ‘7 Words You Cannot Say on TV’. Well known for his passion with words Carlin not only opened my mind to ‘bad’ words; he opened my mind to the absolute power of words.

I discovered that as I study and refine my own communication techniques; I also increase my ability to understand others. This leads to a greater appreciation of them and the situations that mold them.

Over the past 15 years; I have begun to uncover a new language – that I call Language of Abundance

Language of Abundance is a refined collection of words and meanings that can be used to communicate my desires to the world. This evolution of language opens minds and careers to a new reality that was previously hidden. It is about having a larger scope of the world, where each of us is an essential component to the grand scheme (not some ancillary or replaceable piece that is merely part of some grand process).

I start off by eliminating certain words and phrases from entering my mind – let alone exit my mouth:
Here is a good start:
Can’t………. Try……… Someday………. I don’t know……… It makes me……….. Don’t Forget

As you develop your habits with these words; you will quickly understand why ‘sticks and stones’ are powerless over properly chosen words.

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