Many years ago, my family had a dog. An awesome dog! Thanks to the blending of breed attributes, this mutt was very mild mannered, adorable (even when caught in the mid-demolition), and loved to go for walks.

Once in a while; he would decide that HE was ready for a walk. At a fairly in-opportune time; he would slip through an open door and make a fast-break for the unleashed outdoors and sprint across the lawn and down the street until he got about 4 houses away. It was both beautiful and painful to see him run like this!

When pursued; he would run farther away from the house – keeping the same distance from us. Eventually he could be lured back with various forms of positive reinforcement (treats, a walk in the other direction, a ride in the car, etc); but it he only came to us when HE was ready.

Chasing this dog is like chasing dreams. Setting a big goal pulls me out of my comfort zone, and challenges me through a series of simple tasks. I rely on instinct, creativity, ingenuity, constant feedback, and a single-minded focus to attain this goal. For a while; it always seems to be just out of grasp; and when my determination weakens; it comes in close enough to keep me engaged. Attaining goals is indeed a game where both the pursuer and pursuant must be engaged.

Finally; with the right combination of timing, effort and determination; the prize is won and a celebration is had!

Engage your dreams in a merry chase. They will respond favorably!

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