Money isn’t everything and can’t buy you happiness. But is does have a significance in today’s society. Perhaps the reason for this significance is that money offers an easy and convenient way to measure and express the value of something or someone.

Some of the first words we teach our children are numbers; how to count; and how numbers relate to each other. Money is not only easy to count; it is consistent and easy to obtain. Every US dollar equals the exact same amount (100 pennies, or 20 nickles, or 10 dimes, or 4 quarters). It doesn’t have to be weighed or evaluated based on source of origin. Even people who “don’t have any money” actually get money on a regular basis.

Because of this; we can use money to express value in our society. The transaction at the drive through window really tells the owners that you value their hamburger at $2.99. Just as your clients/customers express the value you deliver in the form of their fees to you; employers expresses his/her value of your performance in the form of a paycheck.

Being easy and consistent doesn’t make money perfect. Too many people focus on obtaining more and more of it and misunderstand its purpose. Money is a tool for expressing value; yet it has little to no value of itself. A $1.00 and $1,000.00 bill are both just pieces of durable paper printed with special ink. My point is that money gets its value from its exchange and flow. After all; we do refer to it as currency – like current in a body of water. When water is stagnant too long, it becomes unhealthy and powerless.

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