In order to grow; it is essential to develop new skills, attitudes, language, and habits – become more valuable. Simply adding a few new employees, or a few new customers isn’t the kind of growth I am discussing. This practice will generally signify a level of growth; but it rarely has much staying power and significance.

Most business owners find a comfortable range of staff and customers that they can handle. It varies from business to business; but is strikingly similar. Once at the limits of this comfort zone; the only way to profit is to manage costs; and find ways to trade a couple small customers for a large one. This comfort zone approach will generally allow for a 15-20% annual growth – hopefully providing enough to cover growing payroll expenses.

However; when a business builds structures and systems focused on growth rather than comfort; everyone can enjoy get more comfortable with a larger paycheck. Many of my solo-preneur clients find it possible to double revenues within 18 months – three or four times in a row.




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