A high-water mark is a physical indication of a flood’s peak. They are usually shown with a plaque on the side of a building; or a free-standing sign. They are a method of celebrating the historical significance of a catastrophic event and often serve to respect the losses that were experienced during the flood. Thankfully; the higher the mark; the less likely it will ever get that high again as enhanced safety systems typically follow such disasters. Future disasters of all sorts tend to get compared to this event for the next 50+ years.

Many managers, executives and CEO’s in business today came from a sales background where they posted great numbers and produced more than anyone else. Their great performances were tracked; and each year seemed to build a foundation for the next until they ‘raised the bar’ and achieved the highest sales in company history!

The game changes once they get a promotion.

This begins the seemingly endless process of comparison. Though healthy competition is good; it is situations just like this that sabotage most companies. Egos are sneaky and can act just like city planners and engineers – designing safety systems to prevent future floods. The levees and protective barriers get reinforced every time a sales goal threatens the validity of the high water mark

Sales leadership needs a system for future growth, something that can launch or propel people to new heights. I like the analogy of a trampoline. The tarp is as strong as it is flexible; yet it does nothing by itself. You will be sadly disappointed if you simply stand on it and expect it to work.

However, when you invest your energy into the springs, they respond with an exciting boost. With each bounce; you get higher and higher. Just like children quickly learn how to coordinate their bounces to catapult each other even higher than they could alone; great sales teams too can help boost each other to higher levels!

Great sales teams have leaders who replace those high-water plaques with trampolines. By removing the comparisons they are constantly giving their team a system to achieve more.

Beyond the physical exercise and stress relief for everyone; how could your business benefit from trampolines?




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