In order to be successful; you must have the courage to stand on a foundation of your own beliefs, and the persistence to stand through the rejection, ridicule, and resistance of others. The challenge of leadership always begins with the self; knowing some truth from every fiber of our being; then takes action on that truth to gain momentum and followers.

Though their passion AND ideas challenge the status quo; SELF_Leaders have best interests for all in mind. There IS a better way – a way that allows us to not only have our fill of cake; but also allows us to share with our team. SELF_Leadership is based on the unique strengths of each individual. As a result; each and every one of us can be a leader, given the proper circumstances. Tony Robbins defines the precise time to be that leader with; “If you can’t, you must.”

If SELF_Leadership didn’t require some sacrifice; everyone would already be doing it. The good news is that delayed gratification is ALWAYS worth the investment. After all; the biggest risk is in trying to play it safe; trying to be normal; or trying to be average. Mediocrity is meaningless. Successful people rise above mediocrity and are able to accomplish more through the mastery of skills like: Decision Making; Time Management; Communications; and Responsibility. As you begin to master these skills; you will see your success (and income) increase dramatically.




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