We can learn a great deal about business, organizations, and structures from animals in the wild. Thanks to daring nature photographers, film producers, and researchers; we can study these ideas from the safety and convenience of our homes and offices.

Here are a couple of short philosophies from animal kingdom.

Determination from Ants: Besides being incredibly strong (able to carry 20-50 times their body weight); they are amazingly determined. They will find a path to their destination – no matter what obstacle is in their way. Perhaps due to their small size; they don’t really see obstacles, everything is just part of the path.

Responsibility from Geese: in order to fly 300+ miles a day; Geese have developed a great system of sharing the load of responsibility. The front goose sets the pace, and has the hardest job. As those in the back honk and cheer the leader on; each has the responsibility to take the lead – allowing everyone to enjoy the efficiency of the formation (the V formation can make flight up to 70% easier for those behind leader). Leadership is about sharing a strength or talent; not about being in-charge

Communication from Wolves: Their complex system is seen in the form of howls; body gestures, showing teeth, tail positioning and physical touch. Whether they are caring for the young, busy at play, or on the hunt; each member constantly communicates with the pack to ensure its long-term success.

The evolution of the human brain allows us the opportunity to create products and businesses that make our lives easier, better, healthier, and more enjoyable. Yet unless we master these skills; our businesses will not thrive.




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