Right and Wrong have different meanings in business world that have nothing to do with personal integrity, morality, or ethical behavior.

As experts in our individual fields; clients often come to us because they have done something ‘wrong’ before and seek our assistance to do it ‘right’ this time. But when dealing with human beings, we must also deal with human behavior; this poses a bit of a challenge. Challenges like: when to stand your ground; defend your principles, knowledge, and beliefs.

In theory, this sounds ridiculous. In business it seems to be the norm. We all have our passions, beliefs, and personalities (that we get to defend at length in this great country), but arguments rarely end well in business because people tend to do spend money with people they like and agree with. Most business owners do not like it when someone else tells them they built their business the wrong way. You could say it; and be right in doing so; but likely lose a client – not necessarily the right outcome.

What do you say when a valued client is ignoring your time-proven advice? I am happy to share this line;

“My desire to be right is overpowered by my desire to learn. Let’s focus on a way where we can continue to work together while sharing each others strengths and wisdom.”

Clients don’t honestly expect you to be perfect 100% of the time; errors do happen in this world. They DO expect you to fix it 100% of the time, and fixing an error can be more beneficial than avoiding it (think about how muscles only grow through slight damage of a workout). Fixing can be so beneficial; that you can allow some minor preventable mistakes to happen in order to get to a big solution.

I remember a client who used to call me with their orders on Wednesdays, knowing that a standard ground shipping would deliver on Friday – replacing inventory in time for a busy Saturday. An error occurred and the order didn’t deliver until Monday. It wasn’t a big deal, but the inconvenience prompted a discussion. Through this discussion; we changed their order days to one that fit better in my schedule – allowing me to set up an inventory control system. A system that helped double their retail business, and my commissions as well. Had it not been for the wrong shipping date; neither of us would have benefitted from the growth!

Each person has his/her own ideas of right and wrong that must be balanced for success in the business world. All I know is that business is not about absolutes. I rely on my personal integrity to determine what is ultimately right and wrong in my life and business; and refuse to sell my integrity for a few commissions.

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