Even though you cannot physically touch ideas; they are absolutely real things. They are as real as the internet; the personal computer; and the telephone. After all these too were once just ideas – until someone took enough action to overcome the ridicule from others.

Don’t concern yourself that all the good ideas have already been taken. Even though shoes have been around for close to 6000 years; it wasn’t until 1818 that they were specifically made for left and right feet. There continues to be innovative ideas on the design and styling of our footwear.

It’s been said that the technology we will embrace 10 years from now has likely not yet been invented yet.

Go ahead, breathe some life into your ideas! I have learned that if people like it right away – it’s to not big enough. It’s not until they tell me it is crazy and won’t work that I know I am on the same path as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs.




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