There is a certain satisfaction in finally acquiring something new and shiny; something that has captured your attention for a while now. It may be the results of saving money; researching to find just the right one; or finally convincing someone to release it. It does feel good to get something new.

This feeling will never compare to the satisfaction of designing and crafting something with your own hands (or team). Whether it is new technology; the next hot product; woodworking project; art; book; a meal; or a sustaining business. Human Beings are designed to create things and it makes us feel great when we do. Some of best feelings I ever experience are when I am part of something that is designed and created – then SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE!

This idea got me thinking about our clients and how we get them. I mostly see 2 methodologies in how we get clients: Hunting and Farming.

Hunting refers to targeting businesses who are already buying similar products/services (from competition) and attracting them to do business with you. It is what gives us the thrill of the sale. Walking back to the office with a signed contract, or a check in hand is a VERY good feeling. This is perfectly normal and viable way of handling business.

Farming suggests a much different approach: Tilling the soil; planting seeds; nourishing and protecting the crops until it is time to harvest; all while balancing a variety of crops on vastly different schedules. It is about building relationship with a client; perhaps before they are a potential client. Working from pre-conception through prosperity is quite a process. It is a very rewarding process that is likely to provide years of grateful service and loyal income while protecting you from the other hunters out there.

I do not believe either is better than the other. In fact; a combination of both is likely the best option.




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