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Creativity Wins

July 12, 2012

Creativity is the ability to originate a thought or an idea that can be expressed to others.

As humans; we are creative beings. Each of us is creative; and I don’t want anyone believe otherwise! We regularly associate this term with highly successful and resourceful individuals – “They are so creative, it’s no wonder they are successful.”

Perhaps our ability to create things can be re-stated as our ability to create success. And that the only difference between the successful and the ordinary person is that they have embraced, nourished, and rehearsed their creativity; or applied it in more productive ways.

With nearly 8 Million patents being issued by the US Patent & Trademark since 1790; there should be no doubt of our nation’s ability to originate ideas. The idea of a patent however can be referenced as far back as 500BC in southern Italy – another nation with a reputation for creativity.

Some apply creativity to bring laughter and joy; others create beautiful sculptures and paintings. Some apply creativity to business and design innovative products that we grow to love; while others use creativity to help future generations learn. While it is easy to see the more glamorous results of creativity; most of our creativity is expressed in thousands of day-to-day solutions that make our lives live-able and enjoyable.

Besides creativity, each of us has a blend of unique of strengths that can be used in different combinations to open the doors of opportunity and prosperity.

What will you create today?




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One Comment
  1. I believe that creativity and thinking go “hand in hand”. Successful people take time to develop and nurture these two areas. Unfortunately many people could be very successful if they could foster and nurture their God given gifts.

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