Creativity is the ability to originate a thought or an idea that can be expressed to others.

As humans; we are creative beings. Each of us is creative; and I don’t want anyone believe otherwise! We regularly associate this term with highly successful and resourceful individuals – “They are so creative, it’s no wonder they are successful.”

Perhaps our ability to create things can be re-stated as our ability to create success. And that the only difference between the successful and the ordinary person is that they have embraced, nourished, and rehearsed their creativity; or applied it in more productive ways.

With nearly 8 Million patents being issued by the US Patent & Trademark since 1790; there should be no doubt of our nation’s ability to originate ideas. The idea of a patent however can be referenced as far back as 500BC in southern Italy – another nation with a reputation for creativity.

Some apply creativity to bring laughter and joy; others create beautiful sculptures and paintings. Some apply creativity to business and design innovative products that we grow to love; while others use creativity to help future generations learn. While it is easy to see the more glamorous results of creativity; most of our creativity is expressed in thousands of day-to-day solutions that make our lives live-able and enjoyable.

Besides creativity, each of us has a blend of unique of strengths that can be used in different combinations to open the doors of opportunity and prosperity.

What will you create today?




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