Which is more important to business; Sales or Strategy? What about to cars; Engine or Steering Wheel?

Spark plugs firing inside a cylinder containing a compressed mixture of gasoline and air causes a controlled explosion that produces the physical energy of the internal combustion engine. It is the sales and marketing efforts that provide the ‘GO’ for any business. Perhaps an equal measure of effort and design has gone into making engines more powerful as have been invested into making high-performance sales teams.

Without sales; business is about as much fun as a car without an engine.

If sales & marketing are the engine; Leadership and Strategic Planning are the steering wheel. Leaders (not to be confused with managers) control the direction to apply the energy of the sales team; avoid obstacles and navigate to the final destination.

Keeping with the theme of this analogy; there are times when nimble steering is more important than speed – like parking garages and neighborhoods. Once you have made the right strategic alliances and are on the interstate; you can make great time and let the engine roar!

Most will agree that the most exhilarating roads are the remote, winding country roads that require dynamic engines AND dynamic steering.

I am glad there are no speed limits to business!

Buckle up and drive safely!




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