Business today is all about teamwork: Together Each Achieving More. The significance and benefits of teamwork is unarguable. But most businesses fail to effectively apply strong team structure.

We can learn a lot about team functionality from a wristwatch. With the overall function being to accurately display the time of day and the date; the major roles go to the Hour hand, Minute hand, and Date wheel. The Second hand seems to take a supporting role, but is no less significant.

Looking behind the face of the watch will reveal a complex system of precision gears that relate to each other. Each cycle of the second hand moves the minute hand, hour hand, and date. Some watchmakers can assure accuracy for up to 50 years (even predicting leap years and phases of the moon) without a battery.

Though the second hand might often be ignored (often given a ‘special’ mini dial or even hidden behind the watch face); its function is equally as critical to the overall system as the hour and minute hand. In fact; without it; the hour and minute hand might never be correct!

The second hand is happy to be part of the team and knows that others are depending on him to complete its functions accurately. To maintain such precision; it needs a clear path to follow as well as constant encouragement and feedback from the entire team. (You can clearly see this relationship when you advance your watch for Daylight Savings.)

In the business world; many tasks and functions seem like the work of the Second hand – miniscule and meaningless – but they are indeed part of a complex system of gears that relate to each other. If we, as leaders, take the time to illustrate how all the tasks function together, and provide a clear path for workflow; we will begin to operate with precision and reliability.




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It can be said that a watch that doesn’t display the time with precision and reliability is just a bracelet.

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