Our ability to change is limited to our tolerance of being uncomfortable. If we just leave it at that; I doubt many would willingly volunteer to push the limits of their own comfort.

Most of the time we judge our discomfort only in the short-term, as we see it take shape as a fear of being wrong – and we don’t like it. Our brains are designed to not like it; as it is the job of brain’s Limbic system to initiate a protective response when we enter a new or uncertain situation. Back when we lived in caves and life depended on these instincts; we were more acutely aware of them.

Thankfully, our brains have evolved to help us keep current with modern living. Our Neocortex, or modern brain, provides us the ability to problem-solve and make rational decisions that might override warnings from our Limbic system. It is this part of the brain that can peer into the future and decide that the benefits we can enjoy after the changes will far outweigh the temporary discomfort during the changes.

A mentor once told me; “when the promise is clear, the decision is easy. But when the promise is unclear, the decision is always difficult.” I now understand the phenomenon as it’s not until we believe the future will be better as a result of the change that we will tolerate the discomfort of changing.

In order to make successful changes in your business; it helps to start with a team of Leaders, Mentors, Coaches and Experts. With each of these four unique personalities bringing their own advantages and perspectives; they can make ‘change’ become a positive word with your team. While each of these personalities and characters are ideal, it is not always necessary that they come from different people.

Leaders decide and define the direction as well as what changes are to be made. Without one, single, sharp, decision-maker; there is little point in even starting your change initiative. Ideally, this should be top management/owner of the company – the person most willing to make change happen efficiently.

Mentors help through personal experience by offering a real-life example of how the change should look and work. Mentors can be within your organization or outside (maybe even outside your industry), as long as they are available as a resource.

Coaches bring excitement, momentum, with the right team needed to overcome challenges as well as offering encouragement, solutions, and new methods to try. Again, with coaches, they can come from within or outside your business.

Experts bring vast amounts of working knowledge and experience in certain processes of implementing change. Depending on scope of the change; experts can be employed, or contracted for a temporary basis. In many instances, experts could simply be a vendor who works for you at no cost at all (a value-added bonus to a major purchase).

What would you like to see in your future?

What changes can you make today to bring you closer to that future?




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