Until 1886, Aluminum was incredibly difficult to separate from the rock it was bound to, making it more expensive than both silver and gold. Once a new method of extraction was perfected; the price of Aluminum plummeted, while its demand and value continue to grow.

Aluminum remains so valuable because it is used every day around the world. Besides food and beverage packaging; it is commonly used to transport electricity as well as the construction of airplanes and automobiles.

The story of Aluminum reminds me a great deal of Leadership.

In business, our leaders are indeed valuable – we need individuals who can make the difficult decisions and steer us through significant changes. Leadership is simply a range of skills that is both taught and learned. While we occasionally stumble across a self-made leader; it is much more likely that we can create more valuable leaders from the talent that we already have in our organizations.

Statistically speaking, Aluminum makes up about 8% of the earths crust; while gold is less than 0.005%. Perhaps the same is true with leadership in our organizations.

Are you simply looking to find the nugget of leadership gold; or are you developing ways to utilize the more-plentiful aluminum that already exists?

Imagine how your organization could grow if all your leaders were as versatile and valuable as Aluminum!




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