One of the things I find most fascinating about football season is how easily it parallels to our businesses. Though it is not always as formal; each of our businesses has a regular season – where we perform the majority of work that makes us money; as well as an ‘off-season’ – where our focus is on recruiting and the design/rehearsal of new products and ideas.

Coaching staff takes an inventory of the individual skills and strengths of their players and designs plays that appeal to these unique qualities. Having a Quarterback who excels in scrambling and running not only requires different plays, but also requires different team strengths than a Quarterback who is patient and comfortable staying in the pocket while the play develops downfield.

Every effective play is designed and rehearsed at length. Timing is critical! A receiver might not see the ball being thrown; he just knows that it will be where he can catch it by the time he hits a spot and turns. Plays require very calculated movement of humans who each know what the other is doing and how their individual actions relate to the outcome of the play. This requires intense rehearsal. They might run the exact same play 100 times or more in one week. Repetition is the key.

This repetition and rehearsal allows for subtle communication systems to develop – verbal and non-verbal cues that something has changed in the timing so that everyone can adjust instantly. It is only once the players fully understand the depth of the play that they get to adjust for the defense; ad-lib; and create something spectacular out of a play. This is exactly what gives life to a play!

In the business world, we don’t have the same scenarios of offense versus defense. But don’t let this be your excuse for not developing and rehearsing plays. How you answer phone calls; introducing yourself/others at a networking event; gathering of critical information; design of your presentation; layout of proposals; follow-up communications; upselling opportunities; asking for referrals; and billing procedures are just a few areas where set plays (scripts) can improve performance. Rehearsing them until you understanding the intricate details is what brings them to life!

How many plays does your business have in the playbook? How often do you rehearse them?




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