I am ‘inventing’ a new ice-breaking game / group energizing activity that will be quick-thinking, fun, and engaging for various groups of professionals, and need your help.

It’s called REBRAND THE NAME. Here’s how it works:
Take an actual brand name or product name and take 60 seconds to create a ‘new product’ that works with that name.
Points are awarded as long as the ‘new product’ is different than the actual product given that name. Bonus points are given to teams who also create a tagline for new product.

How can you help?
I would like to gather a list of at least 150 brand and product names along with a factual description (approx 25 words) of what the product is, how it is used, who owns it, and perhaps its value. I will follow up with simple research to verify before it is used in a real-life situation

To submit, simply reply or leave a comment where you read this.

Thanks for your help