For nearly 20 years; I doubt I ever went more than a couple of days without some sort of rehearsal or practice. I began playing organized sports at age 4; formally learned music in 5th grade; and threw in a little theater for good measure. There was always some sort of event that needed extra preparation; and that meant I was in for some individual or group rehearsal.

What is funny is that once I got into my professional career; there was not much tolerance for such practice. It was even indicated to me at one employer that practice at this point meant I was not yet a professional.

I have always known that practice often leads to better performance; but know understand that practice only makes permanent. I don’t remember where I heard it first; but for over 2 decades I still repeat this line from one of my coaches; “Only perfect practice makes perfection permanent!”

Here is a list of ideas/techniques I keep in mind when rehearsing: Please add to them as you see fit.

  • Clearly state your goals, objectives, and/or mission at beginning, middle, and end of each practice.
  • Be realistic about what is possible (then push for a little extra)
  • Learn new techniques regularly. (A good coach will help you to schedule a list of them in an order that makes sense to your objectives)
  • Train towards your goals
  • Cross-train in similar, but different disciplines
  • Deconstruct; enhance components bit by bit; Reconstruct it better
  • Develop super-realistic challenges that fully engage brain and body to push through performance barriers
  • Visualize (in HD, 3d, vivid color, surround sound, etc) all the chaos and splendor of the event at its highest degree.
  • Vary your intensity
  • Study the relevant theories and teach them to others
  • Schedule down-time and plenty of sleep
  • Eat right, and drink plenty of fluids
  • Warm-up and stretch before; cool-down and stretch after
  • Get feedback and evaluations on progress

Regardless of whether your objective is related to sports; a new language; personality trait; financial gains; or anything else; invest in a training partner to help with these techniques.




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