Before they can begin germinating; some plant seeds need to be in the presence of a forest fire. Some are triggered by the shear heat that brings the soil to a certain temperature, while others react to specific chemicals in the smoke that remains after the blaze. The seeds lie dormant for years until the conditions are right. The rage of the fire destroys the majority of existing life and scorches the ground to give these seedlings an unobstructed view of the sun.

Just like these seedlings that would not survive in the shadows cast by the giants of the forest; many of our ideas in business involve change, and therefore get crushed by the veterans of the industry. In order for new life to take root; the landscape must drastically change. It gives a new perspective to facing a ‘firing line’ or ‘getting fired’.

Fires occur naturally; perhaps as Mother Nature’s way of keeping forests in check. As so many face pressures on a daily basis that aren’t as extreme as a full blaze; I suggest that the pressures you are experiencing have been designed to clear the way for your new ideas to spring into life.

It is time to show the world what you can do!



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