Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile. But in the early 1900s, he created a new way to manufacture them so that it was easy to own and easy to drive. The Ford Motor Company revolutionized the entire transportation industry and increased the popularity of the automobile around the world.

Dr. M.L. King Jr. didn’t start the Civil Rights movement. But on that August day in 1963; he told the world about his dream – a dream about the reality he saw for his children and grandchildren.

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer, music player, or telephone. But when he launched the iPod, iPhone and iPad (and supportive technology), he gave us a way to bring intelligent design, work and entertainment with us wherever we go. These products introduced revolutionary new ways of doing business all over the world.

These great leaders had Vision – an insight and connection into a world of what-could-be, a world of possibilities.

But a bold vision isn’t enough to equal success. A visionary leader must also develop the discipline, communication skills, and vocabulary to plant this idea into the minds of others so firmly that they no-longer see the vision as a possibility; they see it as an inevitability. Visionary leaders must surround themselves with a team of people who can manufacture the details of this new reality.

Amazing things happen every time a vision is brought to life. Whether it is something revolutionary like the references above; or more ordinary like a hospital, school, office building, or simple at-home business. Develop your own vision, and then seek out those who can help make it a reality.




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