My first movie memory was from 1982. My grandmother took my two older brothers and I to see E.T. at a single screen theater on a busy corner in town. Movies, and various aspects of the movie business, have captivated me from that moment on. Though the theater no longer exists; distinct elements like the grand entrance and ticket booth have been worked into the casual restaurant and running store that currently occupy the building. I recall that first moment each time I see the building

As much as I love to experience a movie on the big screen; I do have a slight preference for a feature-rich DVD because of the interviews with cast and crew. To me, these are almost as amazing as the film because they reveal some of the magic that makes everything work on screen. This is where we learn that an entire scene was scripted one way; but the actors ad-libbed something better – or completely redesigned the scene during the shoot.

Most actors will tell you that the reward for their craft is the connection with the audience. They like the money and the fame that comes with it; but the true joy is in being part of people’s memories. Movies and theatre can touch us in ways that often falls short in real life.

Acting takes commitment and dedication, and the best performances happen when the actor commits 100%. It takes guts to be exposed and to push the limits of a role. It also takes guts to push the limits of yourself and start a new business!  Though many of us are 100% committed financially speaking; are we totally committed to the role of being a business owner?

In the movies, acting; directing; wardrobe; lighting; casting; props; editing; and many other variables must work together to produce a film that captivates an audience. Sometimes even the slightest detail can taint or ruin an otherwise great script. There is no magic formula – everything just needs to work together. The same holds true for business. We all need accounting, marketing, operations, administration, managers, field agents, and countless other roles.

Perhaps the best place to see the world of business come together with the world of movies is in the magical world of Disney – where every employee at every location around the world, from the newest hires to the CEO, is called a cast member. The primary responsibility of all cast members (Disney and non-Disney) is to perform. Disney cast members perform on screen, on stage, in the ticket booths, call centers, and everywhere they are!

Dozens of books have been written about their methods and how the company has become a pillar for excellence in innovation and service. But you only need to visit their park once to see the impact they have on their guests. Take a tip from their successes and become an actor in your own business. Each day strive to deliver a performance that is worthy of awards, worthy of multi-million-dollar contracts, worthy of customers coming back and seeing you again and again!