Have you ever felt like you have very little control over your surroundings and have few options to even try? I learned a tip from a hot air balloon pilot that might come in handy. Rise above your competition.

About the only thing a balloon pilot can do is adjust the temperature of the air contained within the balloon. There is a trigger, and a rope. Squeezing the trigger fires the huge burners that heat the air and makes the balloon ascend. Pull the rope threaded through a series of pulleys inside the balloon and you open a vent to let some of the air escape in order to descend.

Before taking flight, pilots review weather charts and reports to plot a course and determine ideal landing sites (preferring large open fields with relatively easy access for chase vehicles to load gear). Though balloons are completely at the mercy of the wind (and we cannot see the wind), pilots know that winds vary in speed and direction at different altitudes. Through their limited controls, they put the balloon in the stream that will take them towards their destination.

Having a detailed flight plan can be a matter of life or death.

Having a detailed business plan can also be a matter of life or death! Without a destination, it is easy to follow the first cash-favorable ‘wind’ of a client once you are airborne. While it can be ideal for a while, it can also take you drastically off course. Balloons don’t move without the wind just like businesses don’t move without clients.

Elevate your business into a more favorable wind that will bring you towards your destination. Keep scanning the horizon for the next opportunity to change and make the adjustment at the proper time. Changing focus, directions, systems, and even clients are often part of the plan to grow your business. These moves are pointless without a destination in mind.

Each pilot tries to drop their marker closest to the center of the target
Each pilot tries to drop their marker closest to the center of the target