Over the holidays, we often take time to reflect on what is important to us and share in a variety of traditions; a particular meal only served once-a-year; curling up on the couch to watch a holiday movie at 2:00 pm; the way we decorate the house; and the opening of gifts. Like the holiday itself, the reasons of origin are often lost, interpreted, or ignored in favor of enjoying these traditional celebrations.

As new members are added to family, we all know it can get a little hairy to partake in all the traditions. This year we enjoyed our traditional brunch, but are waiting until the 30th to share gifts until my brother’s sons come back home from a visit with their mother’s family – so there is still time to get me one last gift.

This got me thinking about business, and how we can better impact our people.

The Leadership Team needs to be well tended, but it is equally important for them to take care of everyone else in the company. Look for ways to embrace the unique skills of each member and find new ways to celebrate success.

Just like we often lose sight of holiday origins; it is imperative that we remember why we are in business. Even in the midst of celebrations, we need to be looking for new opportunities.

For me, Christmas is about giving and sharing. Business is about customers. It is easy to get wrapped up in the moment and let our focus get distracted by hoopla and festivities. This year I was able to enjoy a few new activities that I hope will become new traditions. Each year I look forward to experiencing new, more, different, and sometimes better things.