Towards the end of each year, I spend some time looking back to recap the year, as well as looking inward for some way to measure growth. Though I cannot say 2012 involved more changes than any prior; it did seem to have a bit of focus. I shed a great deal of responsibilities, activities and memories that had at one time defined me. I have undoubtedly entered a new phase, one that excites me greatly!

I liken this part of my journey to that of a comet. These celestial beings tumble through the universe as frozen masses of dirt, rocks, and dust. Though their orbits are rather predictable and they travel at tremendous speeds; comets are often influenced by the gravity of other planets, if they are large enough. I suppose we are each pulled by the gravity of other people, and can find ourselves ‘off course’.

To the average person, comets can be quite dull most of the time, but this changes as they enter our inner solar system and begin to feel more of the energy and gravity of the sun. They seem to come alive as the ice from the surface begins to shed and form trails of gas and debris that reflect light from the sun. Continuing to travel towards the sun, new layers of surface are repeatedly exposed and released while the tails grow increasingly longer.

Though the comet tails can be more than 500 Million times longer than the comet itself; scientists use information in tail to determine where the comet has been; and we always seem to define a comet by having a tail, it is interesting to consider that the tail is merely a historical record of the comet.

If my life and career were indeed represented as a comet; I can look at 2012 as the time of shedding the layers of debris, memories, and space funk that I had been accumulating. Shedding the weight has exposed a new surface and a new shape, yet I have not changed at the core. I will continue to build momentum and propel towards a bright future in 2013 and beyond!