Would you play a sport in which there was no keeping score? Could you become a fan, or have a favorite team if there were no statistics?

Likely not!

Football, basketball, baseball, and every other sport has some formalized way of keeping score. What’s more, is they also develop key statistics. Tracking stats and keeping score is what makes the game exciting, even casual fans can rattle off statistics to defend their team or favorite player. Stats create an easy system for comparing one person’s achievements to another. The numbers don’t lie.

Maybe the sports analogy somehow makes things different.

Each time you visit your doctor; they take your temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, and other ‘vital’ information. They use this to compare where you are to normal, healthy people, as well as to compare you to yourself on your last visit.

Do you know the vital signs of your business – those critical elements that need to be done every day in order to stay on pace with your goals and projections? Keeping statistics is a powerful way for owners, managers, and individuals to see patterns that are otherwise invisible to them.

Seeing our own game from a numerical frame of reference can often give you the edge you need to improve. If you are trying to lose weight, you track calories consumed and calories burned. If you are saving money; you cautiously examine every penny of income and expense. Yet we often don’t know what to do when we want to grow our business.

Obviously, sales are an important area to track. The number of calls made per week or month, and the number of closed orders per week or month. That’s easy – but just the beginning.

When does your sales process begin with the customer?
How much time passes between opening a prospect and closing the sale?
What is it that really makes them decide to buy… and buy from you?
Who really are your best, easiest, most enjoyable, most profitable customers?
What are your most requested, most enjoyable, most profitable products/services?

As you begin to keep score; you will make more.