The words we use on a daily basis are seeds for our brains that, when planted, become our thoughts, ideas, inventions, solutions, and businesses.

By rigorously selecting quality seeds, planting them with care, and tending to them regularly, we can expect to have hundreds or even thousands of great ideas sprouting in our brains each day. Just like farmers tend to their fields and take aggressive measures to prevent the growth of weeds and remove any that do sprout; so too must we actively maintain our fertile minds.


Check out this video for a beautiful example of the power of words.

Power of words

Some of the most common undesirable plants include: I’ll Try, I can’t, Not enough time, It’s hard/difficult, I don’t know, But, If only as well as the many varietals of Somebody, Anybody, and Someday. Most of the time, these are easy to spot once they sprout. However, by the time you can see them, there are already several more taking root nearby.

Unlike most farmland that needs to be rotated and left to sit idle; our brains work better and better the more vigilantly we cultivate them and otherwise disrupt the spread of undesirable or meaningless words. After a few seasons, you will see how much opportunity there is to plant for business, family, personal growth, finances, health, and community – all at the same time. In fact, planting with a balance of all these tends to stimulate overall yield of quality thoughts and ideas as well as making it easier to cultivate other aspects of your brain and life.

Whatever you choose to plant is entirely up to you – it is YOUR brain! Some of the best fertilizers come in the form of love, kindness, and uplifting stories. If you would like a source of these fertilizers, leave a message in the comments box below and I will introduce you to some of my favorite suppliers.