At the beginning of the year, most of us invest a great deal of time making sure to set goals that are a big enough to make a difference, while still being attainable (if we endure just a modest amount of discomfort). But one of the biggest challenges to attaining these goals is simply remembering them. Now that we are in March, statistically speaking, most of us have already forgotten our goals for the year. Perhaps this post will be the refresher you need.

As life happens around us, we get distracted with all varieties of opportunities that distract us from our goals. Remembering this simple rule can help you through the goal-attaining process. This rule is extremely effective whether you are using them on yourself or on your team.

RULE OF 60 x 3 is a simple reminder of how much time to invest towards your goals.

1)    60 seconds (twice daily) goal visioning. Restate the goal and imagine what it will feel like once complete. Ask yourself, what tasks need to be done today; how can I track my progress? One of the best times for 60 sec of goal visioning is right out of bed. I often keep a note pad handy for quick ideas that come to mind. Use a timer to keep track and take note of how quickly ideas begin to come.

2)    60 minutes per day + 1 extra hour during the week for focused activity. Activities that will bring you closer to goal completion include; strategic planning, researching funding sources, rehearsing presentations, making phone calls, writing assignments, and much more. Begin with the habit of using a timer that will indicate when the hour is up and it is time move on to another task.

3)    60 days to celebrate! While major goals might take several months (or years) to attain, they can usually be broken into a series of smaller goals that can easily fit in this time frame. Take time to celebrate your progress thus far; an ice-cream treat for your team, a day to rest or reflect on your accomplishments. Re-evaluate your interest in these goals and make changes when necessary. This 60-day interval also helps to solidify your new behaviors into a routine and makes it easier to schedule events that don’t happen every day (like networking events, customer appreciation days, or volunteer activities).

Rule of 60×3

Here is a PDF worksheet I developed a couple years ago that has been helpful to me as well as clients. Feel free to download it and use it to help keep you focused on making your goals come to life!