CN Tower Toronto, Canada

There is a common old saying that tells us squeaky wheels will eventually get the oil they need. But in today’s technologically-driven world, our ears are bombarded with dings, buzzes, chirps, and audible reminders that we are likely to think that squeaky marketing is somebody’s custom ring tone and are likely to ignore it altogether.

During a recent trip to Toronto, Canada; I didn’t have time to ride the elevator up to the observation deck of the CN Tower (though I’m told it takes less than 60 seconds) and be mesmerized by the breathtaking view, but I was able to squeeze a few minutes for a walk around the base of it and snap the pic you see here.

As I walked back to my engagements; I was struck with two thoughts.
1)  I was coming back again… for the sole purpose of doing it ‘for real’ – no matter how touristy it is.
2)  Marketing needs to be big and bold, yet simple, honest, and integral. This tower is so tall and unique that it brings people from around the world to visit this beautiful city.

Within a couple city blocks there are plenty of great hotels; a huge convention center; a brewery where the staff nicely makes fun of you if you don’t try a free sample; a myriad of fabulous restaurants; great shopping; and it’s right next to a baseball stadium. Who is to say if any of these things would exist had it not been for this bold piece of marketing and architecture.

Boldness gets people’s initial attention – that is it. Therefore it must be kept within reason in order to provide value and benefit. Successful boldness is targeted, aligned with your product, and delivers results as promised.  Empty boldness is what we refer to as “the boy who cried wolf”.

Bold marketing is successful when it creates a sense of excitement and is actually considered a part of the product itself – not merely a tool to attract customers. Absolut did it with their bottles of vodka. Tiffany & Co did it with the blue box. And Apple designs marketing (iTunes store) right into each of their products.

How bold is your marketing?