Now that spring is upon us – the days are getting longer; temperatures are on the rise; and many of us take to our gardens to make the best of this fertile time of year – it is important that we mimic some of these activities in our businesses.

Here are a few Spring-time ideas that can help ensure your business reaches full bloom this year.

Preen your database: Your database is perhaps the most valuable asset of your business, invest some time to remove and update contacts and make sure you have synched customer lists with friends, followers, and connections throughout various social media outlets – even that growing stack of business cards you have been collecting.

Create one central database for all contacts, and organize this data into useable information. I find making groups and distribution lists very effective – and make sure you have the latest updates of software so you can be most efficient. I have found the Brewster app to berather handy.

Download the latest updates of all software and learn how to use them efficiently.

Select proper seeds: No matter how skilled a gardener you might be; you will never be able to grow roses from an acorn. Often there is a distinct difference between fans and paying customers. Select customers who are both likely and able to want to buy what you have to offer.

Examine your most loyal, friendly, and profitable clients of years past and find patterns. Happy and excited customers are likely to make referrals. Do you have a plan in place to ask for referrals, or reward those who give them?

Just like each plant has its own time to blossom (some longer than others), customers often do as well. By respecting the needs and trends of your customers; you can easily design both your business and your garden to provide ever-evolving beauty throughout the coming months.

Prepare the beds: Before we can plant these carefully-selected seeds; we clear the grass and weeds, break-up the compacted soil, and make sure it is properly nourished. Enter the world of marketing.

Develop a marketing plan that includes social media and traditional outlets. Make detailed plans about how, and when you are going to communicate your messages, then develop ways to automate what you can. Services like Hootsuite allow you to write messages (posted in social media outlets/groups) today and have them post whenever you want.

Studying past sales, taking pre-orders, and VIP/Reward programs are great tools to keep excitement growing throughout the spring.