We have all experienced the flat feeling of being uninspired. The days when even the most insignificant of obstacles seem to prevent you from getting anything accomplished, and when forced to produce; it rarely feels like it is your best work. Maybe we can trace the cause to a specific event, a series of events. Perhaps it is just the inevitable result of the constant pushing and pulling to give more to others, and do more, in more places. When you own a business, the demands seem to multiply as everyone looks to YOU for answers.

As our world gets increasingly more connected through technology, we rely on the little device in our pockets for everything. Most have developed a system of multiple charging stations to give a boost throughout the day – the regular charger at home, the speaker dock at the office, or perhaps a spare in the car. Some long-distance flights offering WiFi service are even equipping seats with charging stations.

If we put half as much emphasis on recharging OURSELVES, as we put into our smartphones; we would likely not have to experience the first paragraph. I remember a trainer telling me that I am a Human BE-ing, not a Human DO-ing, and that I must schedule time every day to stop doing things, and re-charge myself just like I do my phone.

For me, inspiration comes from books, stories, and articles about people who have changed their life, and the world around them. Inspiration comes from music performed by artists who have played that song hundreds or thousands of times, and still make it feel special when I’m in the crowd. It comes from watching the sun rise; a bike ride through the city; an afternoon in the park – anywhere I can observe the relationship between living creatures.

dawning inspiration

Isn’t that really what business, and life, is all about – creating a relationship with another living creature? Success, then, comes each time we build relationships and partnerships properly. The way I know the relationship is properly built is when it inspires me.

As an owner or manager; know that your people, customers, vendors, etc will plug into you. Give them something of value and significance each time they do. Be an inspiration to them. It might be as simple as a kind word, a warm smile, or the use of your charging station.