Does your brand have a solid foundation? Does it have a structure that supports its growth both vertically and horizontally? We know how important it is to have a proper foundation for construction projects; yet often fail to consider the same consequences when it comes to our businesses.


Before we can build better brands; we should take a few words to understand what a brand is.

It is more than just a logo or mark to indicate a certain quality or craftsmanship that it once was.

Today’s brand is exposed and challenged in a multitude of environments ranging from personal interactions; digital communications and social media; employee and stockholder relations; as well as a wide range of customer experiences and expectations.

Simon Clift, Chief Marketing Officer for Unilever (one of the largest consumer products companies in world) defines modern brands as a contract between company and consumers where the consumers serve as both the judge and jury.

In short, your brand is your foundation for growth!

We should build our brands to withstand such constant and dynamic pressures; and can look to the construction world for an ideal comparison. Concrete is what we call the careful selection and blending of very simple ingredients (water, aggregate, and cement). When mixed, it can simply take the shape of whatever form it is poured into. When set; it provides strength, rigidity, stability, and structure. Nearly every building today – regardless of size, shape, style, or color – begins by digging in the ground and pouring concrete.

Using simple, readily available ingredients like: Mission, Vision, and Language; we can build world-class brands that can stand the test of time. These items are not only easy to develop by themselves; but they are even easier to mix together into a homogenous fluid substance that spreads out to support every corner of your business.

Like the foundations that support our homes and skyscrapers; we need to invest adequate time, money and energy into the proper design while still investing enough resources to bring these designs to life.