Marketing today is about making connections – meaningful connections. This is done by communicating a message of value (or a series of them) to people who are interested. With the omnipresence of a variety of social media tools; it is increasingly easier to make and manage connections with lots of people

The message will be rather different; but the method is consistent. Define your particular audience and learn what is meaningful to them. Simply highlight the ways your brand, company, culture, process, etc. will authentically reflect these meaningful qualities and connections will be made in the form of likes, follows, shares, retweets, and more.

Connections are great, but goals, budgets, quotas, and salaries are based on SALES. Sales is simply a process of leveraging those meaningful connections into revenue – exchanging money for product or experience.

It is important to know that not all connections will become a sale; but increasing the meaningful connections will lead to an increase in sales. The key is to build stronger and more active connections; these are more easily converted into sales.

Today, more than ever, time and personal information are some of our most precious things. The more time a connection gives you (accurately measured in fractions of a second, or clicks) and the more information they give you (a given email address is an invitation to valuable contact in the future. If abused; they will more likely delete than unsubscribe) are indications of how easily they will exchange money for your products.

The time spent, and information transferred during engaging with connections can help refine the marketing process; expose new uses of an existing product; build initial momentum for new products; and determine potential geographic markets – all at a fraction of the cost that it used to take.