social media

One of the hottest buzzwords today is Content Marketing. Though the name might be new as it is part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy (you do have one of those right) the idea has been around for a very long time. A Press Release, Advertorial, Editorial feature, etc., even a simple brochure and product flyer are pre-cursors of today’s Content Marketing.

Salespeople use to be gatekeepers of information. If you wanted to know something about a company, product, or process; it was easiest to get it from the people who like to talk. Today, consumers are more informed than ever (at least they have access to information). They often have more timely and relevant info than sales department.

Consumers in all industries crave new content at insatiable levels. Businesses that capitalize on this can make significant growth. While it can seem like a daunting task; it can be done in ways that are relatively easy to manage. In simplest ways of looking at things, we already create plenty of content through daily interactions. By changing the way we think about how we create and distribute said content, we can find an easy place to start.

With a proper strategy; effective messages can be brief enough to fit within twitter’s 140 character limit. Blogs, infographics, videos, pictures, and various links can be shared around the world in just minutes! Clients often ask me to help determine what should be communicated, how, and when. Here are three places effective content likes to hide in many organizations.

Recurring sent emails: You know, the ones you save as a draft to mildly edit before sending it to a new/existing client. It can be re-purposed into a blog post or infographic.

Frequent conversations: After the tenth time you have ‘the same conversation’ with a customer, you should record it as a video and post it.

Customer experiences: Completed projects/installations, case study results, before/after pics, and testimonials are great opportunities to share. Once you get permission, tag/include customer and invite them to co-promote.

Now that you have a few places to start; mix up the content you supply. Encourage dialogue, sharing, and other forms of participation. Ask open-ended questions? Contribute to relevant discussions.

Final tip: Remember that your social media activities are public and make impressions on gazillions of people. Take the time to spell check and use proper grammar to be sure you give the best impression.