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Advice For College Students

April 11, 2014

Yesterday I was fortunate to participate in my 3rd Sales Alumni Panel at University of Louisville College of Business. 6 other Alumni gave their morning to share wisdom, advice, and experiences to attentive students about to graduate. My 3-minute story began with…

“I remember this program when I took this class and how the panelists shared great tips and advice for my classmates. While things were a bit different back in 1998 (smiles filled the faces as they figured out how old they were when I was sitting in the same chairs); the principles and lessons of personal selling are applicable to all facets of life, regardless if the situation is in business, non-profit, or personal/family.

My career in sales has taken me across the country dozens of times and on two incredible trips to ITALY. I have made worthwhile friends, worthwhile money, and have lots of amazing stories that I get to keep forever. In thinking about what to share with you today; I have 4 Golden Rules For Sales.


4 Golden Rules

Quick photo of my actual notes


My question to you is…

What would you share with students at your alma mater?

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