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A Difficult Decision

July 1, 2014

Creativity is inspiring. It encourages people to think, present ideas with the hopes of moving the business forward; employees are more engaged; customers can easily tell the difference and are likely to talk positively with their friends.

But creativity, by its nature, is messy, emotional, difficult to manage, and nearly impossible to predict – it doesn’t scale well.

Conformity scales almost perfectly. Once the ‘ideal’ is established, it can be managed by training or disciplinary systems, and rewarded by hierarchy perks.

But by its nature, it is uninspiring, absolutely predictable, and boring. It rarely respects the skills and talents of employees, disconnects people from the work, and often leads to lackluster products and services. Customers can easily tell the difference.

Which will you choose in your business?
Which do you think has better long-term results?

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