We all want more abundant lives, businesses, and careers. We seem to think of this word only as a good thing, but I have discovered that abundance applies to everything – the good, the bad, and the mediocre.

Without getting too metaphysical or philosophical; I’d like to share my thoughts on how each of us can attract plentiful opportunities and ideal people into our lives. Don’t dismiss the formula’s simplicity as a lack of validity or limited application.

Throughout my life and career, I have found myself in both disastrous scenarios (managing to pull myself out) as well as in the midst of incredible opportunity and fortune (often without realizing at the time). It is by analyzing these extremes that I have come to study how ideas like Creativity, Passion, Effort relate to each other and contribute to my circumstances as well as those of others.

Creativity is the portion given by our minds – It is the way we think and use resources around us to increase value. We are all artists and creative thinkers; yet often let critical voices silence the urge to create something. Where one sees a pile of scraps, another else sees shapes and makes a sculpture that stirs our imagination. Where some see challenge; others see a business model that connects technology with solutions. Where some hear nothing, others hear symphonies that stir our emotions.

Creativity is about making personal and emotional connections. It is often scary to be open for judgment by those who choose criticism over support, but it is exactly these investments in creative thinking that lead to breakthroughs of all sizes. The more we think about something, and let it run through our filters of education and experience, the more sense it makes to us.

Passion is the portion given by our hearts – I refer to it as the intensity we each have towards an idea, thought, or person; how much we care about it; or how it ‘resonates’ within us. Often described as a burning desire within us, passion is what compels us to continue with an idea even though it is not commonly supported. It is what gives us the will to dedicate endless hours of practice; often large sums of money as well.

Passion and creativity support each other seamlessly to build an amazing synergy. The more passion we invest into a project, the more creative ideas arise in our minds. The more ideas we have towards a project, the easier it is build more passion and inspire others to participate.

Effort is the portion given by our body – It is the physical work or activity we put into our creative ideas – be it in writing, researching, refining, rehearsing, presenting, etc. to individuals or groups. This can be effort of a single individual or collected across a team.

It is one thing to have a great creative idea, another to get excited about it, but without the activity to actually produce it or share it; there is little to no value in that idea. What I find amazing about effort is that when creativity and passion are high, the effort required to produce something is much easier to muster – in many cases, the effort is actually less because of the passion and creativity.

abundance equation

C: Creativity   P: Passion    E: Effort      A: Abundance

This formula helps me understand how such forces work in relation to each other to attract abundance into our lives. Inside the parenthesis, Creativity and Passion work to enhance each other while also serving as a multiplier to increase the benefit of any amount of Effort that is contributed.