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Leadership begins with, “I have an idea…”

There is no definitive ending point, because the end is not the point of leadership. The point is to incorporate the resources to bring an idea to life and nurture it through maturity. Crucially, the idea never belongs to a single person. Rather, it belongs to the entire tribe of people who come together to make it happen.

Some years ago, I was inspired by an idea and wrote a song. The time to write and tweak the lyrics was likely less than an hour.  Then it sat dormant for a couple years.

Inspiration struck again when my band decided to write and record a new batch of songs. My lyrics were added to the list; the four of us discussed how each song originated and what it meant to the writer. Then we put our own interpretations into music that would carry the emotion of those words.

After months of experimenting, evolving, and rehearsing; we were ready to record. In the studio, each song got bigger and more expressive with each additional layer of instrumentation. Importantly, the original intent of the song was not only kept in tact, but was amplified.

Weather it becomes the next radio sensation or merely connects with 1 other human is immaterial. The point is that it will continue to grow. Only after significant investment of emotion and talent from others did this grow from scribbles on paper into a form that others can easily appreciate, understand, and share.

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The same pattern happens with ideas in business – manufactured products, software, service offering, or just a tweak for improving what already exists. Ideas never come to life in a vacuum. They need the collaboration of others to truly grow.

Businesses need contributions of:

Each of us exhibits all of these roles throughout our day. Don’t get bogged down with traditional titles. They can’t fully explain the complexity of relationships and human interactions that must take place to bring an idea to life.

We need you to take the lead; make emotional investments; and share more interesting ideas without concern of who started it or who gets the credit. As the number of people are involved, the base for communicating it grows as well. Even after customers make the purchase; they are contributing to it in many ways as they share and introduce it to others.

What is the next opportunity for you to lead the collaborations?