What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Hear



No one cares about your newest technology; your office décor, open floor plan, pet policy, or employee perks.

No one cares about how much funding you have received, CEO salary, business valuations, or analyst predictions.

No one cares about your warranty, customer service rating, latest promotion, or even sales price.

We don’t care about your stuff because we can’t care about it.

As long as humans have roamed the earth; our senses have been bombarding us with more information than we can ever hope to process. We rely on clever filters (Reticular Activating System) to help us determine what is important, and what should be simply ignored. Some things are deemed so important that we become hyper-aware. Ever wonder how ‘cat-people’ notice subtle things that indicate others are also ‘cat-people’; or how you notice other versions (different year, color, or options package) of ‘your’ car as you drive?

This goes on automatically in our brains millions of times a day. We ignore lots of things that happen right in front of our eyes simply because they have no relevance to us. Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons made a couple powerful videos to demonstrate this phenomenon. (click here for link)

Traditional sales, marketing, and advertising techniques are based on sheer volume because they are extremely inefficient – 1% or 2% of impressions showing interest or making a purchase can be considered a ‘good’ result).

Savvy sales pros can make this system for FOR us rather than against us with one simple step (note: simple does not always mean easy).


Only then will people begin to care.

“People don’t care how much you know until they
know how much you care”
~Theodore Roosevelt

Once we make a connection with someone; we become important. Their filters not only allow us and our information through; we are given a little priority. The stronger the connection; the greater the effect. This quickly leads to them sharing us with their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Connections are difficult to fake or manipulate. They are deeply rooted in our emotions and will always remain fully under control of our audience. As entrepreneurs, we need to stop the sales techniques and focus our energy on making connections with ideal audiences.

To make connections, we need to talk about things and in ways THEY want to hear. In order to do this; we must ask questions and genuinely listen to the response (not just listen to gather ammunition, but actually listen to understand and relate to them). A good rule to follow is to listen twice as much as you talk (suggested by the two ears and one mouth on our faces).

Though it sounds counter-intuitive; this is a fundamental part of what drives Southwest Airlines. (The airline industry is known for being excruciatingly competitive and full of bankruptcy; yet Southwest is the only one that has posted a profit for every year of operation.)

When you build connections; PEOPLE CARE!

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