The Power Of Connectivity


It’s one thing to be connected to the Internet. This connection enriches our experiences working, playing, shopping, sharing, and communicating.

It’s another thing to be connected to another human being. This connection enriches our entire lives and brings an entirely new meaning to the concept of sharing.

Both of these connections are pretty insignificant when compared to the power of connecting people to ideas. THIS type of connection actually changes people’s lives! This connection is what makes new millionaires, teachers, doctors, and all manner of rock-stars. It is in connecting people with ideas that our passions are ignited. This releases dormant energies and capacities we didn’t even know exist.

Improving any of these connections will lead to business growth opportunities, and it is pretty easy to imagine which one will make the most impact. As you might expect; the most powerful connection is between people and ideas – perhaps because it cannot be regulated, enforced, or demanded.

There are two tools that help connect people with ideas while allowing them to benefit your business. They are Purpose and Vision.

Your PURPOSE is your why – the fundamental reason for operations to exist. Get clear as to what this is and share it with others in simple language. Doing this will connect to people (customers, vendors, partners, employees, etc) on an emotional level and help them not only understand your motives; but to actively support them as well.

Your VISION is your depiction of the future you hope to create – it helps direct the collective ideas and efforts of people. It creates excitement and motion that inspires new ideas while providing a framework for their expression.

The businesses that excel in the 21st Century are the ones who master this type of connection and openly communicate and follow their purpose and vision. When these become the priority, loyal customers, raving fans of all sorts, and substantial profits will follow – along with amazing new technologies, patentable innovations, and amazing new products.




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