Consider Your Audience

consider your audience

Why do most marketing, communications, and sales pitches fail?

They lack connection to the audience. Sellers try to stay in control of the conversation and present what they think are the most compelling reasons to buy. Often it is the same reasons to every audience.

Before my sales career began; I spent a couple years as a professional buyer for advertising agencies. Here, I got to interview hundreds of sales people from lots of different industries and had my fair share of industry leaders feed me empty promises about their best practices, highest quality standards, and their list of past clients.

Most of these presentations left me with an overall feeling of blah and overwhelming un-interest.

As I transitioned into a sales role; I was fortunate enough to have mentor take me under her wing. She told me,

One of the most important aspects of sales is to get genuine interest. Take some time to get to know somebody and their situation. Ask them questions that keep the dialogue going, and pay attention.

Like that phrase suggests, we as sellers must first pay your attention to our audience before asking them to give us their attention. Take a few moments to review the social profiles of key audience members and cater your message in concepts most relevant to them.

This is just as easy when you are presenting to a group of 10-20 as it is to a group of 600+. Know who they are and what interests them, and speak from that point.

This worked incredibly well and helped me build my sales territory quickly, and in a way that would actually help buffer the high turnover of clients, their employees, and a diverse product offering. Rather than being focused on earning my commissions, I was focused on earning respect. Commissions were part the process; as were a number of good friends.

As our lives become increasingly interconnected, this will continue to be increasingly more powerful as our connection and sense of purpose will serve as filters for where we choose to invest our time, talent, and money.


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