We are all unique

15 March 2018

Some cultural #trends might suggest some advantage of looking, #thinking, and #acting like others around us. But even in those groups, we are effortlessly drawn to unique nuances of individuals.

We can’t help it! Our brains are hardwired to constantly ignore the mundane and give high priority to out-of-ordinary.

#Habits are how we develop #efficiencies by removing all thought from such routine processes (like brushing teeth, tying shoes, and even driving to office).

The key to building #value in being #unique is to be both different AND similar.

They must see a better version of themselves. Too drastic is easily rejected while too similar goes unnoticed. Be an image of what or how someone could be through reasonable process, purchase, or effort.

This phenomenon is fundamental to activities in #leadership, #mentorship, #marketing, #sales, and #motivation (as well as many others).

Embrace your gifts, #strengths, and path. They benefit us all!


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