Keep giving

26 March 2018:

The next time someone asks about your job, tell them you are responsible for managing and growing gift-allocations of precious resources.

This IS your job – regardless of your title, position, or age.

YOU decide how much, when, where, and for how long you will invest your #time, #effort, #talent, and #attention. You’ve been doing it your entire life.

Even better is that you have a perfect track record of these investments bringing an increase of at least one of the following: #knowledge, #access, #connection, #opportunity, #love, #trust.

More and more individuals recognize this and are making huge investments in developing hobbies, #volunteer work, #SideHustle, or #SelfDevelopment. This often comes at the expense of a traditional career.

Employers and #managers should take special note that making the same #investments into their #people, #teams, and #culture will help them remain valuable in an ever-changing world.


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