Purpose Propels

5 April 2018

Purpose is a simplistic explanation of why a particular thing, action, or business exists or is used.

#Corporations have a fiduciary duty to act in good faith, use their best judgement, and promote the best interests of the entity. The #capitalistic purpose over the last couple hundred years was to simply make more #money.

To a certain (surprisingly low) point, money is a #motivator for individuals. It can help assure our basic needs are met – like food, shelter, water, clothing, safety, and the like. More money can make life incrementally easier or slightly more enjoyable. But it sets us up for constant comparison that easily diminishes self-image. Fundamentally, we all know money can’t buy #happiness, #dreams, or #love.

In today’s age of information, choice, and #communication; we are seeing more evidence that this ‘purpose’ of isn’t the best strategy.

A deeper, more specific, bigger picture, capital-P #PURPOSE represents an emotional journey that ignites fires within individuals. Communicating such a Purpose makes us vulnerable and #human. These qualities unite people to support and contribute their best because they know others are doing the same.

It #connects us and gives our #strengths, #actions, #creativity, and effort the ideal context that serves as both traction and fuel. It allows us to feel important, respected, and part of something we find exciting.



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