Dream with others

12 April 2018

One of the most powerful ways to appreciate another person is to #dream with them.

This encompasses deep #listening, honoring their delicate #creativity, acknowledging their #skills as well as challenges, respecting their premature ideas, and #encouraging them to be themselves.

Most of us don’t get that often enough and keep our #genius to ourselves.

Besides the benefit to others, such listening and dreaming brings tremendous #growth to everyone involved.

The creative activity of dreaming removes constraints of time, resources, history, skill, and all sense of ‘reality’. It allows us to glimpse into the world of what-could-be and experience our biggest challenges already solved and countless opportunities not yet available.

It is precisely how we #innovate. Being able to already see the thing completed is our unlimited source of #inspiration.

Dreaming with others multiplies the #creative power of dreams and provides necessary (supportive) feedback that helps us bring ideas into reality.


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