#Creativity is the process of making something out of nothing. It requires a tremendous amount of skill, patience, experimentation, and a variety of tools.

It is unpredictable at its best, and inconsistent at its worst.

From a certain perspective, it is highly inefficient and unproductive. Perhaps that is why it is hardly embraced by the business community.

Creative play is #innovation at work. It is the process that generates billion-dollar #unicorn ideas that become tomorrow’s normal.

That thing you #create could be a physical item that someone buys or observes at a museum.

It could be an event or #experience that happens in a moment of life, but then only exists in memories.

It could be #stories and emotional #connections to people, companies.

It could just as easily be #laughter, #love, #joy, sorrow, or pain.

How do you #innovate?


18 April 2018

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