Entrepreneurs Change The World

#Teachers educate the world. They share knowledge, help us learn valuable lessons, and inspire us to do more. They are never restricted to the classroom.

#Politicians rule the world. As in they create the norms and laws we are to follow to live in society. For better or worse, we give them this permission and authority through votes, consent, silence, and support.

#Entrepreneurs change the world by creating ideas about new products and services that irreparably shift our worldview and solve problems (we might not even know we had) in new ways.

We use innate curiosity and genius to tinker, tweak, adjust, enhance, improve, #invent, and refine. Most importantly, to share with others

Everyone can change the world because everyone is an entrepreneur. It is far more about the creative solution than about building some sort of ‘scalable or sustainable business model’.

24 April 2018

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