Serve Others First

I first heard the concept of #ServantLeadership about 25 years ago (though it dates back over 40 years) and was hooked!

The idea is that those in positions of #power and authority put the needs of others first and help them develop in ways to perform their best. In committing to this, they selflessly build their own #legacy of #greatness through earning unimaginable amounts of #trust and #respect.

When #managers, #directors, and traditional #leaders commit to the principle, it transforms the entire organization.

When the same philosophy is adapted for application in #marketing and #sales, it transforms the #customerexperience. Servant Marketing is a commitment to partnering with customers to create unique interactions that lead to true #win-win engagements.

This approach helps customers (distributors, vendors, investors, talent, etc.) not only self-select your products and solutions; it is the foundation for them to become #RavingFans, #BrandAmbassadors, and advocates for your growth!

Serve #humanity, and change the world one person at a time.


30 April 2018

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