Inspiring Fixers

We can fix it – the #environment, the #economy, the #government, society… anything really.

#Creative ideas flow through us constantly as a way of telling us we are alive and to prime our #passions for action.

The Internet gives us resources like #Google, #Siri, #Alexa, #Watson, and tons of upcoming new #ArtificialIntelligence systems to streamline some of the work.

It is also a means to #share our voices, #challenges, and solutions with people around the world and helps unite our passions together into tribes.

Take time to understand the problem you face (as completely as possible). Examine it from different angles and perspectives.

Who currently benefits? Who could benefit from better? Who needs to be moved, and in what direction? What ways can you #contribute a #solution?

When in doubt, take #action and share your progress.


10 May 2018

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