Connect more than conquer

We use numerous references to war, battle, and conquering when discussing #business – #sales in particular.

These suggest that business is about gaining advantages over customers and buyers that only benefit us. That sure doesn’t sound like the best type of relationship we can create!

#21stCentury business and sales models are about building beneficial connections and relationships with #customers, #prospects, #vendors, #employees, etc. These connections deliver value back and forth many times over, creating trust at each exchange.

#LifetimeValue of customers goes way beyond what they will purchase over the next number of years. It must factor in the conversations and interactions where people choose for their own reasons to talk about our brands based on their experience(s).

In many cases, a fan might help close dozens of transactions before becoming an actual customer.

Grow by building valuable #connections and delivering great #experiences.


14 May 2018

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