Movement follows value

There are many conversations growing today around ways #leadership, #management, #marketing, and #sales are changing as #technology and #information become ever-more present in our lives.

In many ways, these aspects of business have changed dramatically in the past two decades.

But as the headline suggests, not much has truly changed!

#Humans are social creatures. We have always moved towards that which we value and away from what doesn’t resonate with us. These processes are managed through complex and highly adept brain and body chemistries much more than our ability to rationalize, command, or control.

The only things that drives our actions, thoughts, beliefs, and intentions are the things we choose to value.

If you want to move individuals or groups of people, start by becoming genuinely valuable to them. #Inspire them to take action because it directly benefits them AND resonates with their #value system.


20 June 2018

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